Environmental Policy

Onsmooth Thai is committed to contributing to the local community, traditionally through employment opportunities but also through supporting relevant community groups and issues. We also have a strong commitment to being an environmentally responsible company and encourage our crew to participate in achieving this. The below points guide the crew in achieving this. The below points guide the crew in achieving our core value of “Community and the Environment.”

·   Use the most environmentally sustainable alternative in our operations wherever one is available.

·   Endeavour to continue to understand all aspects of the production process in an effort to minimize impact on      the environment.

·   Continue to search for new production processes that minimize impact on our environment.

·   Continue to reduce our use of plastics.

·   Strive to use less and waste less in all areas of our operation.

·   Give back to the local community and environment through support of community based organizations,              particularly those focused on the local environment.

·   Demonstrate honest and ethical behavior in all that we do.

” We see our pathway to sustainability as a journey where all our stakeholders suppliers, customers and crew are constantly raising their expectation levels on what it is to work and live sustainably “